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The latest research of Spirulina: The effect on Virus HIV, Cancer and Immune System

By Richard Kozlenko DPM, Ph.D M.P.H. and Ronald H. Henson

Medical Science has paid attention more on Spirulina as the medical food and the source of effective substance for pharmacy. Many new beginning researches study on the ability to prevent the fission of virus which helps to strengthen cell and immune system in human body. Moreover, it helps to restrainthe growth and decrease the development of cancer cell as well. Even though these research is only a beginning study and need to have further research, but the result of the study is very interesting.

The effect on Antivirus
In April 1996, Scientists from many institution such as Laboratory of Viral Pathogenesis, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts and Earthrise Farm from Calipatria, California has mutually announced the ongoing researches and specify that “The water extracting from Spirulina can restrain the conffision of HIV-I in T-cell and around red blood cell in human and at the intense of 5-10 microgram/ml., it is found that it can decrease the growth of virus”.

HIV-I is AIDS virus. Small amount of Spirulina can decrease the fission of virus. Importantly, using the intensive Spirulina lesser than 100 can entirely stop the growth of virus without any poison in human cell.

Another group of scientists has spread out the research result for pure extracting water which have special properties like Spirulina named “Calcium-Spirulan” which can stop the growth of many kinds of virus in test tube such as HIV-I, herpes, Cytomegalovirus, germ of influenza virus A, mumps and measles. Moreover, it is safe for cell in human body. The test in human and monkey raise cell found that this extracting substance can protect cell from the infection of virus. The initial research is reported that in the academic journal states that this extract have genuine effect that can cure the infection of HIV-I, HSV-I and HCM which is importantly useful to the AIDs infection who need a life time remedy.

Calcium-Spirulan is the substance use in Polymerized process which effect on the water molecule have the properties similar to Spirulina which are Sulfur and Calcium. The treat on Hamster rat’s skin that infect the measles and have taken the remedy from this extract found the quicker recover than usual. How this extract works? When the virus gets into body, it will adhere at the cell wall. Spirulina have affected them and cannot infect the cell wall. The virus will stuck at the cell wall and unable to have fission, then it will finally eliminate by the natural human process. Spirulina extract, therefore, is very useful to heal AIDs patience to live with a longer normal life.

What is Spirulina?
Klieothong or Spirulina is the original food of some tribe in Mexico and Africa continent. It is blue-green algae which can be found in warm water with high alkaline salt in the lake at crater. Spirulina is naturally the food of flock of flamingo living around Rift Valley Lakes in Eastern Africa. These bird are amazingly very well growth comparing to other kind of seaweed with high nutrition fact which are 62% of Amino acid with high Vitamin B-12 that exist the most in nature. This includes the natural composition of many kinds of Carotene and Xanthophyll phytopigment. Spirulina have very soft cell war from complex compound of sugar and protein which can be digested and absorbed into body easily different from general seaweeds.

Millions of people around the world consume raised Spirulina which pass through scientific farm process. In the present, the production of Spirulina for consumption of human is more than 1000 metric ton. America is the leader of production followed by Thailand, India, and The People’s Republic of China. This is because people recognize the value of nutrition fact in Spirulina causing many countries are planning to produce more for this Spirulina.

The difference between Spirulina, Chlorella and blue-green algae in
Spirulina is not the same type seaweed as the Chlorella or other blue-green algae which harvesting from Klamath Lake, Oregon. This is because Chlorella and another type of seaweed, even they have nutrition fact; however, they do not have the properties to restrain virus, cancer and stimulate immune system like Spirulina. Nevertheless, the cell wall of Chlorella is Cellulose that human stomach cannot be digested; the cell wall of Spirulina is the complex compound of protein and sugar which can be easily digested.

For the blue-green algae fro Klamath Lake with the scientific named of “Aphanizomenon flos-aquae” is different from Spirulina while many scientific research have reported the poison in Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, but in very small amount that mention about its usefulness to cure diseases. On the other hand, there are many researches have a lot of detailed information about the benefit and the safety of human and animal that consume Chlorella and Spirulina.

Result on Anti-cancer
Many researches show that Spirulina or Seaweed extract from Spirulina can prevent and stop cancer cell in human. It is believed that some types of cancer resulting from destroyed DNA cell, then it harms other cell. This results the inability to control the growth of cell. Biologist in cell has found that the enzyme named Endonuclease have ability to heal DNA in order to make it alive and strong. When this enzyme’s working system has been ceased or poisoned, the damaged DNA cannot get heal and could cause the cancer. The research result in laboratory is that the only Polysaccharide in Spirulina can heal DNA of this enzyme. It can be explained that many researches on smoker and cancer in animal found the sample group who consume Spirulina can largely stop many serious cancer cell.

To Strengthen Immunization
Spirulina is efficient nourish substance for immune system. The research in guinea pigs, hamster, chicken, turkey, cat and fish confirm that Spirulina helps to improve working system of immune system. Medical scientists found that Spirulina is not only able to stimulate immune system in human body, but can expand capacity of body to create red blood cell as well.

The core part of body immune systems are such as stem cells in bone- marrow, white blood cell in T-cells and Natural Killer Cell. It shows the better working system of spleen and Thymus grand. Scientists also observed and found that Spirulina can increase the amount of white blood cell which helps to increase the efficiency in destroying virus.

The consumption test in Spirulina is found that even in the small amount of consumption can increase strength to liquid and cell of immune system. Spirulina can hasten production of liquids such as antibody and cytoplasm of cell which helps to prevent themselves from uncommon virus. Cell immunization which are T-cells in white blood cell, B-cells and Anti-cancer cell or Natural Killer Cell will circulate in blood vessel and have more in organs such as liver, spleen, Thymus, lymph glands, Adenoid, Tonsil and bone-marrow. Spirulina can help to organize these important cell and organs to better working system even in pressure condition from poisonous environment or from any infection.

Phycocyanin in Spirulina help to build blood cell
From the study of Polypeptide called Phycocyanin found that it has the effect on stem cells found in bone-marrow which is the original cell of white blood cell in immune system and red blood cell to distribute oxygen to human body.

Chinese scientist report that Phycocyanin stimulate blood cell building as same as Erythropotein (EPO) which created from kidney and building control in white blood cell even stem cells has been destroyed by chemical poison or treat by radiation.

The result on Phycocyanin in building blood cell has made Spirulina obtain certificate from Russia as “Medical Food” which can cure patience who got radioactivity at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. For patience who have received the plants that grown from poisonous land. The bone-marrow of those children has been destroyed resulting in defective immune system. These children have suffered fromanemia and ashma. Russia cures these children by giving 5 grams of Spirulina a day. Later, those children have become better and recover very fast within 6 weeks. For the children who have not consumed Spirulina, they still got pain as it was.

Effect on health
Spirulina is the complete a natural source of food that human ever known. Spirulina is composing with Amino acid, chlorophyll, Beta carotene and other composition including other chromat in high quanity. Spirulina is the food from only the type of green plants which full of necessary fatty acid GLA which helps to stimulate the growth in some types of animals. It also helps skin and hair shiny without falling of hair and bunion.

Spirulina works as the food that help to balance body and be very useful for bacteria in intestine especially Lactobacillus and byphidus which help to strengthen bacteria and increase them. According to this, it helps to decrease problem from infection such as E.coli and Candida albicans. From the research, adding Spirulina in breakfast can increase these bacteria in intestine.

From the initial research, scientists hope that the use of Spirulina and its extract can help to decrease and prevent from cancer and many diseases causing from virus infection, preventing from bacteria or parasite infection and may help for better response of body. This results in faster healing. The seriousness of anemia, receiving of poisonous substance and decreasing in an immunodeficiency may decrease. Scientists in USA, Japan, China, Russia, India and other are trying to do research valuable outstanding food to find out its potentiality. There should be additional facts toward AIDS and other serious diseases; however, in the present, it is cleared that Spirulina is the safe natural food which providing with intensive nutrition fact to live our life with quality.